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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SE 1

Survivor east coast ship one
These ships are to be used in the event of 12/26/2012 or upon a clear attack from a nuclear weapon.
Ships can make 1000 gallons of filtered water a day from the sea.
And store enough food for all aboard for one year.
This is no pleasure cruise, this is a survivor ship and all hands on board will be expected to pull there own weight.
We will have one main office ship with internet, medical and communications as well as office space and some living quarters. This ship will also be used as a community gathering place for meetings and when possible, events of joy. Weddings, movie night and Holidays.
As you can imagine this all comes at a high price tag, but what price can be put on the survival of the future for our children. The ships rules will be simple, and when the crisis passes we will reform America with the laws of our founding fathers.
Interested in securing your place on SE 1 send me an email with SE 1 in the topic.
Good luck to us all.

We will need guns, ammo and security personnel. As well as professionals in the medical field and computer networking. Ham radio operators, engineers and mechanics.
If you already have a ship and would like to join the network please email me at As of now we plan to set up two stations one off the east coast and one off the west coast of the USA exact position is sill being decided. But the location will be approximately 20 miles off shore. Allowing the smaller ships easy access, we are looking for fishing fleets with experienced crews and hoping for a fuel tanker to join the fleet to supply all vessels. This is a working plan of survival all proposals will be taken under consideration. This is a multi million dollar project and we need donations of all kinds from MRE’s to blankets and medicine you name it we will need it. But most of all we need ships and cash. We all must work together to survive and rebuild if necessary. Space is limited only to the amount of ships in the fleet and of courses those who have the needed skills have first priority seating.

This is the perfect example of what we want to acquire for a main ship and are now taken donation to purchase and prepare this vessel for use as a medical and head of operations ship. But time is short an we are short to purchase so if you have the skills to be on this ship and the funds to invest in the future please contact me immediately.

-Built 1956-Dry docked 2003, Blasted, Coated w/Epoxy,antifouling, then Zinked.-Painted in/out-Excellent Condition-3 Floors-2 Offices-8 heads w/16 showers, 22 toilets-8 to 10 private staterooms w/60 Bunks-3 Large Lounge Areas-Laundry Room w/3 washers, 4 dryers-Large storage area below decks-Classroom-Refrigerator and Freezers-CHT Sewage System for holding and discharge-Phone-Cable-4 new A/C Units-Set up for Shore Power-Can easily be converted to Genset Power-4 to 5 additional rooms being rehabbed (could have lead paint)

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