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Friday, November 6, 2009


To clarify we are not a group of followers of the 12/21/12. We are simply survivors of any threat being of natural or man made disasters, Iran is only steps away from having weaponized uranium. With the constant delays of the U.N. and the so called peace talks regarding the uranium they currently have uranium at over 35 percent and every day they can delay in the agreements that’s one more day closer to achieving weapon statues of 99 percent. When that day comes not only are the surrounding countries in there area are done for but a good chance that so are we. Any land mass will be in jeopardy are only hope for survival is the water’s of our great ocean. By studying the natural ways of the water such as hurricane patterns and rogue waves, in the sense of were they form and occur most often will determine the place we setup the main ship. It very well means a destination further off shore than the 20 mile comfort zone. But no distance will be a problem with relay ships in place. All ships will have armed guards to ward off pirates and make a safe haven for us all. There are classrooms on board and teachers will be needed not so much for general topics that are taught in today’s classes. We will need our children to be taught to survive on the water, sailing and star reading for navigation cause there is another threat from above with the debris field in space growing there is danger in satellites being hit and destroyed cutting off communications. Making our global positioning systems unreliable if they would work at all. They need to be taught as well as every person in the fleet how to repair and maintain the filter system for without that we would quickly run out of drinking water. Mechanics to teach repairs of the engines. There are many things to consider and discuss. We pray that we never have to activate our plan of escape and if we do we pray that the length will be short but no one can know for sure so we prepare for a year at sea. When in reality it could be much longer. Time is running out spread the word to those you trust with skills, ships and are willing to work for survival. Of the American way with the vision of our fore fathers in there heart. Let the Constitution be our guide and our Lord be our savor.

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