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My Journal

The wolf is my brother wiser than me, for I am know more than a learner of he, absorbing his wisdom, taking comfort in his songs and gather strength from his teachings for sure, for I am one with my brother you see, and for ever more he shall always be free.  DrMeola

A Letter To,
Jack Gladstone,

Sir my name is David Meola; we meet along time ago when I was a student at Brookdale Community Collage in New Jersey. I never had the chance to thank you for that very day a life was saved; I didn’t often go to the food court but that day my spirit was very restless facing recovery from a recent back injury and now attending school at and age when most students have already graduated. Many thoughts had crossed my mind that day as I went from class to class, by lunchtime I was ready to call the whole thing off and I’m not just talking about school.

So I walked in grabbed a tray and some food making my way to a table lost in my own thoughts, when I heard your voice and something inside of me said I need to hear this, you told the story and meaning behind your song (faces the blizzard) then with guitar in hand began to sing. Soon there after I began to weep silently and slowly worked my way closer and closer to the stage you where playing from. I can not remember what songs you played afterwards but sometime during your third story I had noticed your father God Rest his soul, sitting by a table with a box of CDs. I approached this elderly gentle-man with grate respect and humility, as I kneeled before him I felt a spirit unlike I have ever encountered before, and knew I was in the presence of a man filled with wisdom and spirit. A man deserving of respect, a man I could only wish to know better, though my encounter with your father was brief it made a profound impact on my life as so did yourself, I noticed you watching over from the stage as I sat with your father, that day I purchased a copy of every CD he had to offer, I thanked him and asked him to thank you on my behalf. Picking up my CDs with my books in hand I turned once again towards the stage catching your eyes gaze, I nodded humbly and you sir nodding back I felt as though you heard my thank you and I received a your welcome in that moment. When in that same moment you very well might have been thanking me for purchasing your music.

I walked out the doors of the cafeteria that day with a whole new perspective on life as the sun shined down through the trees I found a quiet little spot off the main path and sat for I don’t know how long. Taking in each breath allowing it to renew my spirit as I let the sounds of nature penetrate my very soul. Your music and their messages have continued to keep me on a path of truth and enlightenment as I share with all your music and wisdom. I could never in this life time thank you enough for what you and your father has done for me, till such time we may meet again, may the great spirit of the sky continue to bless you and your family. Many thanks to you again for putting purpose back in my life, as well as so many others.