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Friday, November 6, 2009


To clarify we are not a group of followers of the 12/21/12. We are simply survivors of any threat being of natural or man made disasters, Iran is only steps away from having weaponized uranium. With the constant delays of the U.N. and the so called peace talks regarding the uranium they currently have uranium at over 35 percent and every day they can delay in the agreements that’s one more day closer to achieving weapon statues of 99 percent. When that day comes not only are the surrounding countries in there area are done for but a good chance that so are we. Any land mass will be in jeopardy are only hope for survival is the water’s of our great ocean. By studying the natural ways of the water such as hurricane patterns and rogue waves, in the sense of were they form and occur most often will determine the place we setup the main ship. It very well means a destination further off shore than the 20 mile comfort zone. But no distance will be a problem with relay ships in place. All ships will have armed guards to ward off pirates and make a safe haven for us all. There are classrooms on board and teachers will be needed not so much for general topics that are taught in today’s classes. We will need our children to be taught to survive on the water, sailing and star reading for navigation cause there is another threat from above with the debris field in space growing there is danger in satellites being hit and destroyed cutting off communications. Making our global positioning systems unreliable if they would work at all. They need to be taught as well as every person in the fleet how to repair and maintain the filter system for without that we would quickly run out of drinking water. Mechanics to teach repairs of the engines. There are many things to consider and discuss. We pray that we never have to activate our plan of escape and if we do we pray that the length will be short but no one can know for sure so we prepare for a year at sea. When in reality it could be much longer. Time is running out spread the word to those you trust with skills, ships and are willing to work for survival. Of the American way with the vision of our fore fathers in there heart. Let the Constitution be our guide and our Lord be our savor.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

SE 1 continues

We are growing and furthering our plans on a daily bases, please keep in touch on current information at the gun talk forum. I will never post anyone’s name in any forum so please be careful as to what email you use for communication with the group. There will be team leads set up in different states and a list of those email address will be posted so you can contact directly the leads closes to your location. As of now we will be using a program called vent for meetings, the vent log in information will be emailed out prior the meetings with the event times and exact date included. If you play the game world of warcraft you can contact me on borean tundra’s realm. Whisper me or send me a note through the in game mail system toons name is drmeola. Just make sure to add SE 1 in subject. For obvious reasons or maybe not so obvious reasons this is the safest means of communication at this time as we continue to setup and organize to create a safe haven for all survivors. Sign up as a follower on this sight so you will be notified when ever an update is made. Thank you all for your continuing support. We will be in touch.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

SE 1

Survivor east coast ship one
These ships are to be used in the event of 12/26/2012 or upon a clear attack from a nuclear weapon.
Ships can make 1000 gallons of filtered water a day from the sea.
And store enough food for all aboard for one year.
This is no pleasure cruise, this is a survivor ship and all hands on board will be expected to pull there own weight.
We will have one main office ship with internet, medical and communications as well as office space and some living quarters. This ship will also be used as a community gathering place for meetings and when possible, events of joy. Weddings, movie night and Holidays.
As you can imagine this all comes at a high price tag, but what price can be put on the survival of the future for our children. The ships rules will be simple, and when the crisis passes we will reform America with the laws of our founding fathers.
Interested in securing your place on SE 1 send me an email with SE 1 in the topic.
Good luck to us all.

We will need guns, ammo and security personnel. As well as professionals in the medical field and computer networking. Ham radio operators, engineers and mechanics.
If you already have a ship and would like to join the network please email me at As of now we plan to set up two stations one off the east coast and one off the west coast of the USA exact position is sill being decided. But the location will be approximately 20 miles off shore. Allowing the smaller ships easy access, we are looking for fishing fleets with experienced crews and hoping for a fuel tanker to join the fleet to supply all vessels. This is a working plan of survival all proposals will be taken under consideration. This is a multi million dollar project and we need donations of all kinds from MRE’s to blankets and medicine you name it we will need it. But most of all we need ships and cash. We all must work together to survive and rebuild if necessary. Space is limited only to the amount of ships in the fleet and of courses those who have the needed skills have first priority seating.

This is the perfect example of what we want to acquire for a main ship and are now taken donation to purchase and prepare this vessel for use as a medical and head of operations ship. But time is short an we are short to purchase so if you have the skills to be on this ship and the funds to invest in the future please contact me immediately.

-Built 1956-Dry docked 2003, Blasted, Coated w/Epoxy,antifouling, then Zinked.-Painted in/out-Excellent Condition-3 Floors-2 Offices-8 heads w/16 showers, 22 toilets-8 to 10 private staterooms w/60 Bunks-3 Large Lounge Areas-Laundry Room w/3 washers, 4 dryers-Large storage area below decks-Classroom-Refrigerator and Freezers-CHT Sewage System for holding and discharge-Phone-Cable-4 new A/C Units-Set up for Shore Power-Can easily be converted to Genset Power-4 to 5 additional rooms being rehabbed (could have lead paint)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new day

A new day, a new beginning for all. Including the lobbyist that support the anti-gunners. Thank God for the NRA who continue there fight against those that oppose our fundamental right to protect ourselves and our families. According to a friend of mine at the range the other day, he was talking about a back door that they might have found, one that will effect the re loader's. Turns out they might be able to put a law in effect that would prevent them from getting the materials they need to reload, since some of the same components are used in the bomb making process. I understand the need to protect the Country from the sleeper terror cells in the U.S. So I can except some sort of purchasing license for certain materials as long as that license or agreement does not include any fees to apply for.

With 9-11 approaching they will be fighting hard to have there agenda's brought to the table, so more so than at any other time of the year we have to be diligent and pay close attention to our local elected bodies to see what they plan on doing. Lets not give them the chance to go behind closed doors and pass something in the middle of the night. We must stay on top of them and make them accountable for there actions. The news is focusing on the health care bills and so is congress and the senate cause that is what Obama wants. Even if it's not what the people want. So topic's like gun control are being held in the back room and not getting much media attention. So we the people have to be on top of the issue's of gun control and we can do that by emailing your Representatives sign up for there news letters, and keeping there phone number handy. To many of us don't get involved with our local government and allow other's to fight for us. I believe that Americans have become lazy. Lazy and laid back, letting other's make the decisions an just go on with there own life's.
If it's not election time, we pay little to no attention to what the politicians are doing. It's time to WAKE UP AMERICA, I will be watching closely c-span and my local politicians and will bring any and all info I come across re guarding gun control.

Also please if nothing else become a member of the NRA they are our biggest Allies in this fight.

I have started gun talk click on the link to bring you to the forum and join myself and other's in all things gun related. Until next time, keep your eye's and ear's open.

God Bless Us All

Tuesday, September 1, 2009