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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A new day

A new day, a new beginning for all. Including the lobbyist that support the anti-gunners. Thank God for the NRA who continue there fight against those that oppose our fundamental right to protect ourselves and our families. According to a friend of mine at the range the other day, he was talking about a back door that they might have found, one that will effect the re loader's. Turns out they might be able to put a law in effect that would prevent them from getting the materials they need to reload, since some of the same components are used in the bomb making process. I understand the need to protect the Country from the sleeper terror cells in the U.S. So I can except some sort of purchasing license for certain materials as long as that license or agreement does not include any fees to apply for.

With 9-11 approaching they will be fighting hard to have there agenda's brought to the table, so more so than at any other time of the year we have to be diligent and pay close attention to our local elected bodies to see what they plan on doing. Lets not give them the chance to go behind closed doors and pass something in the middle of the night. We must stay on top of them and make them accountable for there actions. The news is focusing on the health care bills and so is congress and the senate cause that is what Obama wants. Even if it's not what the people want. So topic's like gun control are being held in the back room and not getting much media attention. So we the people have to be on top of the issue's of gun control and we can do that by emailing your Representatives sign up for there news letters, and keeping there phone number handy. To many of us don't get involved with our local government and allow other's to fight for us. I believe that Americans have become lazy. Lazy and laid back, letting other's make the decisions an just go on with there own life's.
If it's not election time, we pay little to no attention to what the politicians are doing. It's time to WAKE UP AMERICA, I will be watching closely c-span and my local politicians and will bring any and all info I come across re guarding gun control.

Also please if nothing else become a member of the NRA they are our biggest Allies in this fight.

I have started gun talk click on the link to bring you to the forum and join myself and other's in all things gun related. Until next time, keep your eye's and ear's open.

God Bless Us All

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