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The Death of Camelot

Camelot as told in fairy tales of King Arthur and his faithful Knights of the Round Table. So many versions, from their allegiance to Rome, to the love story triangle of Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot. The wish of one man to build a golden city for the entire world to look upon, not with envy, but as a way of life and peace for its people whom reside in and around the lands. That all be treated with fair and equal justice under the law. Not ruled by a King alone that people would obey out of fear, but a King who lived by a printed code. That even he was not to be held above, for he had expected accountability not only of himself and his men but of all whom resided within the kingdom. Beyond the dream such a place was created, and it was so named America. A place that lived by a printed code, known as the Constitution, and a set of laws for all to follow. A place where there was no King per say, but where the people would elect their rulers and who were sworn into power with a pledge of upholding the very same principals as Arthur. Not to be above the code of law, and expected to be held accountable in every sense as outlined in the Constitution. The people had a say with their elected voices whom would be in this positions of power, and if these persons was to bend or outright break the written laws of the land would be voted out and held accountable for his or her actions. Power was set to be limited, so the people would always have the larger voice, and the rights of all would be protected by the individual states/countries of the Union.

Like Camelot, this land was at unrest in its early days, much blood would be spilled into its soil, before peace of the land was settled. And like Camelot as peace did settle in, the surrounding areas had taken up a jealousy of its inhabitants and begun to make war against the settlers. But nothing from the outside could take over because the people all fought as one, under the flag of freedom and peace remained in the land for many of days. Their enemies and ours learned and were very patient and realized the only way to take down such a powerful nation was from the inside. Infiltrating the political aspects of this land, and with a nudge here a push there slowly over time were able to take more and more power away from the individual Unions within, growing larger and larger taking away more and more freedoms from the residence within this once great Nation until they could rewrite, bend or just out right openly disobey the laws of the land. They did this all in the name of security, and justice, giving them the power to take whatever they like whenever they liked. Be the rights of men and women or even their land in the name of progress. And so it was named the Progressive Movement, and due to propaganda was sold to the people with a nudge here and there. Till the time when they got their own representative into power and there true agendas made clear. One World Order, all nations now becoming as one, socialism as it was so named, spreading the wealth all in the name of welfare for the people. But much like in the beginning of this great land they will have no easy task to finalize their plans, for the three per centers began to rise up and speak out against them telling all whom would listen the truth of their plans and what it means for America. Little by little the people begun to realize they were doped, but has the awakening come to late as they fall into poverty and starvation as they become slaves to the very system that once was put into place to protect their God given rites was now using its power for its own advance and only the rites they chose to grant to the people would be in place. But the three per centers will not go quietly into the night and allow this to happen gracefully, beginning in their Home Counties standing up against the large government that has ceased power just by saying no. For as one state/country begins to stand and say no, others will follow, and in time the power will be taken back by the people it was stolen from in a stealthy manor to begin with.

But this must take place sooner than latter for the powers at large have the military under their control as well as local law enforcement, all of whom took the same oath to up hold and defend the very Constitution that was being trampled on. Not all local enforcement will comply with the powers at large, some will in fact stand with the people and do the job they swore to do, but how many is the question and will there be enough to hold off the invaders. Will they allow the taking of innocent citizens that stand up to the powers as they are escorted to some concentration camp or prison to be dwelt with later or simply executed for non compliance. The powers at large understand this, so they have begun a process to collapse the system in place giving its residences a bill they can no longer pay for as they continue to raise the debt ceiling making new laws as quick as possible so that the damage cannot be undone so easily. They know they are on a timer as new elections come into play and they get removed from their seats, they have just about bankrupted the entire nation as well as the whole worlds economy so that all peoples of every nation are forced together to work as one for a solution. A solution mind you that will burn to ash the founding Constitution that once made this nation great as we now become and equal to all world powers instead of the leaders that we once where. But what the world forgets is that you cannot no matter how hard you try destroying a dream, Camelot like America will live on forever. Camelot, America or whatever other name we call it by can be replanted on any land, be a tiny island in the middle of the ocean or a land taken by force as the land America now sits on was taken. It only took a handful of men to plant the tree of liberty, deeply rooted in Faith, Hope and Charity. And we will replant the tree be it on this land or another, as we carry our code of law where ever we may end up, but this time with the truth of history by our side and not obscured as the history being taught today, we will prevail as we trust in our God and the idols of today are no more. God once lead Mosses to the promise land, and with Faith will lead us as well. Keep the dream alive in your hearts and it shall never die no matter what the landscape may look like. Maybe just maybe like a person who’s heart has stopped, but was revived to live another day, so will the current land we stand on be awakened with new hope as our fore fathers had always planed. This time we might just get it right.

There is a movement to take back our lands and our freedoms, a movement that is blessed with non violence and has the strength in law behind it. The powers at large know this very well and have put in place many agent provocateurs to discredit the idea by putting on false fronts and getting their people in trouble at every turn so no one will have the confidence to follow the only true and legal path to freedom.

Oh you ask, so what is this legal movement that will ensure freedom from tyranny, freedom to be ruled only by Gods moral code, freedom to make mistakes and once again be responsible for your own actions?

The answer is simpler than you might imagine, but it does take time to understand, and an education in the law, for it is this very law that has bound us and is the same law that can set us free. PAC has the education and tools need to do just that, the tools to take legally back the freedoms that have been stolen from the masses, a freedom of responsibility, where you can no longer rely on the handouts from the powers, but must rely on yourself and the charities of others as it has always been.

So I ask you, are you ready to take back freedom, are you ready to accept responsibility for your own mistakes and choices in life? If so click on the homepage of this very site and follow the links for PAC taking your first step towards freedom, and breathing life back into this Camelot called America.