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Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Walnut Grove

I am sure many of you have heard of a town called Walnut Grove, many of us most likely grew up watching Little House on the Prairie, today being a man of aged years with all that is going on in the world and what the People's Awareness Coalition (PAC) is trying their hardest to make people aware of, the slavery we have been placed under, and letting people know we have a choice provided to us in the law.

Just this very evening as I was doing my studies the television was on in the background I had only caught the last few minutes of this episode and found myself crying, some tears of joy others of over whelming sadness.  It reminded me of the last days of Walnut Grove, how THEY the government came in and stole the land; however they did not own the buildings on the land.  The residence of this town one by one using dynamite destroyed each building that they had either owned or resided in, I can’t recall a time when I have cried so much.

Times are hard for all right now, and yes we know how they have done this to us using the law and their trickery.  The information that the Coalition has is all so valuable and we could never be thankful enough for helping those whom wish it and opportunity to truly experience freedom as it was meant to be.  It all starts in your heart, doing the right thing once you realize the things you’ve done wrong in the past.  With true and total freedom comes responsibility like most have never had to face before, and it takes a community working together not unlike that little town.  We can rebuild our Walnut Grove, but you have to want it, you have to grab it and hold on to it with both hands so it never gets destroyed again.  Take back your local communities support your mom and pop stores for goods and wares, buy from the local farmers they will be more than thankful, learn who your neighbors are, regain the family structure that has been dismantled one brick at a time.  The choice lies with you, follow your heart it will guide you, there is no one to blame but that reflection in the mirror and once you realize that, the energy to fix the problems will be never ending.

The Peoples Awareness Coalition along with the State National Society has begun to rebuild Walnut Grove, people working together, contracting with each other without the outside interference of big brother.  Protected by the common laws of customs and usages, free from all the madness of the political realms, it truly is the simple life once again.  The simple life takes hard work, sweat from your brow, and a community of like minded people working together, and the rewards are felt from day one.  The stress quickly vanishes only to be replaced with a new fire, a new thrive, a new energy unlike nothing your body has ever experienced before.  Are you ready to follow your heart, ready to come closer to God then you ever have before, then join us, get the education we have all been denied, find the truth you’ve been searching for and help us to rebuild Walnut Grove.  Do it for yourself, do it for your family, and do it because it’s the right thing to do, the choice is yours the path has been laid down all you have to do is follow.

God be with you all,