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Friday, September 2, 2011

A New Walnut Grove

I am sure many of you have heard of a town called Walnut Grove, many of us most likely grew up watching Little House on the Prairie, today being a man of aged years with all that is going on in the world and what the People's Awareness Coalition (PAC) is trying their hardest to make people aware of, the slavery we have been placed under, and letting people know we have a choice provided to us in the law.

Just this very evening as I was doing my studies the television was on in the background I had only caught the last few minutes of this episode and found myself crying, some tears of joy others of over whelming sadness.  It reminded me of the last days of Walnut Grove, how THEY the government came in and stole the land; however they did not own the buildings on the land.  The residence of this town one by one using dynamite destroyed each building that they had either owned or resided in, I can’t recall a time when I have cried so much.

Times are hard for all right now, and yes we know how they have done this to us using the law and their trickery.  The information that the Coalition has is all so valuable and we could never be thankful enough for helping those whom wish it and opportunity to truly experience freedom as it was meant to be.  It all starts in your heart, doing the right thing once you realize the things you’ve done wrong in the past.  With true and total freedom comes responsibility like most have never had to face before, and it takes a community working together not unlike that little town.  We can rebuild our Walnut Grove, but you have to want it, you have to grab it and hold on to it with both hands so it never gets destroyed again.  Take back your local communities support your mom and pop stores for goods and wares, buy from the local farmers they will be more than thankful, learn who your neighbors are, regain the family structure that has been dismantled one brick at a time.  The choice lies with you, follow your heart it will guide you, there is no one to blame but that reflection in the mirror and once you realize that, the energy to fix the problems will be never ending.

The Peoples Awareness Coalition along with the State National Society has begun to rebuild Walnut Grove, people working together, contracting with each other without the outside interference of big brother.  Protected by the common laws of customs and usages, free from all the madness of the political realms, it truly is the simple life once again.  The simple life takes hard work, sweat from your brow, and a community of like minded people working together, and the rewards are felt from day one.  The stress quickly vanishes only to be replaced with a new fire, a new thrive, a new energy unlike nothing your body has ever experienced before.  Are you ready to follow your heart, ready to come closer to God then you ever have before, then join us, get the education we have all been denied, find the truth you’ve been searching for and help us to rebuild Walnut Grove.  Do it for yourself, do it for your family, and do it because it’s the right thing to do, the choice is yours the path has been laid down all you have to do is follow.

God be with you all,


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Path to Freedom


Those who have followed me in the past know that I would never bring up false or misguided information; I have joined PAC in its quest for truth in law. PAC has been in operation for nearly 20 years without a single arrest or law suite, unlike so many greedy scam artists out there like Tim Turner to mention just one. These people use parts of the law without giving you the whole truth of what is required to keep you out of jail and to sell you a product. We at PAC have nothing to sell you, but we do recommend you get our book The Red Amendment, to help you in your studies. The only place to buy this book is through us at our website, there is a $30 charge that helps us pay for the printing since this is done in house as well as paying for the web site and forum. Again this is but a recommendation to get the book, but we offer at no charge all the info we have from movies to watch, to articles published and the forum for interaction with others whom are working together to put the free people back in touch with the Republic, this is not the republican party they are in fact two different things, but the Republic of the Constitution. A lot of this information you may have heard before, but because of all the miss leaders out there, most people have been frightened off if you will. So I invite you to join me at no charge to get educated read the material we have to offer watch the movies in the archives, and start your journey today to real freedom as our fore fathers had laid down in the Constitution that now has been hijacked, We the People can take back our life, our liberty, our freedoms, and our land, from this evil corporation now known as the United States. Below are just some of the links we have for you to help start you on your journey to Freedom. God Bless all of you and your families.

this is excelent and recommend it for your first movie

The more I learn and discover the more I am fueled to get this information out, this link will bring you to another must see movie, Psychiatry: An Industry of DEATH. If you do nothing else watch the last 8 minute clip, I have watch this in its entirety, and one thing kept coming to my mind over and over again, beside we need to get out, get out of the system, get out of the schools, get out, get out, get out, the best way to save yourself and your kids have no medical insurance because only them will they leave you alone, after watching this movie I can see clearly why the government is pushing so hard so fast and had to, even with over 80 percent of the population saying NO we do not want this bill, has in fact passed the Health Care Bill and why the house votes on trying to repeal it will never happen. I was a victim of this madness when I was in 3rd grade, diagnosed with a hyper active disorder and my parents fell for the BS they were sold, but luckily my parents didn’t push it on me and was able to get away from it early on, I was one of the lucky ones. Also brings into my thoughts about vaccines that our pushed as mandatory and years later they come out and say oh it was a bad drug. Do all you can to stop the madness?

watch the two hour movie

then I recommend this inter active movie

this is the forum to sign up for

intro to the book the red amendment

watch this video at the bottom funny, check out the video archives as well lots of great stuff.

Especially the gun one we have to get this info out.

Here is the pic of the book to upload to any web page with the link for the printable order form.         

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freedom Compound

Freedom Compound

I awoke this morning with the thought on my mind for a true freedom compound complete with Allodial Title of land, and all the freedoms of our forefathers. Along with all that modern day has to offer, a place not unlike my community survival article describes. Where We the People truly are the kings and queens of the soil, a place our kids will learn true value, real history, science and math the way our founding fathers did but having the luxuries of today such as the computer and the internet. A place that puts us above the federal government as it was in the beginning of this once great nation, were we in fact will use today’s technology like Aquaponic’s to feed the masses, and know one will starve and illness will be eliminated do to the healthy fresh un tampered, un chemical food that we currently are provided. A place were you can truly be safe from all, including law enforcement and big government, and I realized just how easy this will be too accomplish, for all I need is YOU.

If this idea sparks your interest, then please leave me a comment or two ask questions and then get involved to help make this happen. As truly free people we have the right to limitless contract, and it’s by this ability to contract we can accomplish what might seem to be impossible. True freedom I can explain simply and will answer all if not most of your questions, first think of Real Property, mean a solid substance, your body is a solid, your house, your land if you have allodial title. Know in your action or actions, if no damage to property has been done, and then you are free to do it, really it’s that simple. With freedom comes responsibility as so with property, no real property no real freedom, no freedom no responsibility. They go hand in hand, example I have the right to speech, ok under the 14th Amendment were 99 percent of the people fall, you have no real freedoms even this one on speech, under the 14th lets say you threaten someone but cause no property or in other words physical damage, you can be charged with a crime of intent. Under true freedom of the 1st Amendment I can in fact call you every dirty word in the book, I can in fact tell you I am going to kill you, but until I attempt the act and cause real harm not emotional harm I am protected under the 1st Amendment since no harm to property occurred. It may not be nice, but you have the right to do so, you may not like what someone say's but they have the right to say it, under the 14th that is no longer true.

Now some will say but I already own property, my response is do you have allodial title of land? Do you pay property taxes? Do you pay registration on your car? Do you pay income tax? Did you get a marriage license, or a permit to carry a gun? If you do any of those things then you do NOT own anything, ever hear the expression, possession is only 9/10th of the law? Who do you think owns that remaining tenth? That last tenth is own by the government so you have to pay rent on the item or items involved, and we do this with our taxes. Ok so what about our bodies do we own our bodies? No we do not, upon birth you were put without knowledge into the TRUST of the 14th Amendment, so you have no choice and do not own your body, the government does, so you have to get certain vaccines without choice? Yes you do, because they are taken care of their property. Upon birth to the law you are considered to be dead. This is a little tricky to explain but the hope is you can get out from under the 14th and by law be considered a living being once more, and that is what’s important. There is a light at the end of the tunnel as it where. Freedom is not for everyone and it is not easy, so it must be a personal choice and only YOU can make that choice for yourself. It is a life long commitment, but so is staying a slave, yes a slave to the system that is what you are, property belonging to another under the 14th Amendment and that is known as democracy were the voice of the masses out weigh the voice of ONE. But in the Republic as the founders set up the rights of the ONE and the voice of the ONE is to be protected. YOU are the King; you can do what ever YOU want as long as your actions causes no property damage to another’s its that simple. Under the 14th Amendment Trust, you are a slave or SUBJECT, and must obey the laws they have set down, like buckle your seat belt, why? if you don’t buckle up who is going to get hurt? YOU, so you are doing no harm to someone else’s property but your own right? Wrong you are damaging their property because they own you. Is this starting to make sense to you now? Real Property equals freedom, without it you are not free. The government knows this and that is why and how they have taken your rights. Can the government come in and take your land? Yes they can because they own it. Can the government come into your house with a warrant and search it? Yes they can because they own it. Are you starting too feel the chains around your wrist and ankles how heavy they truly are? Isn’t it great to be a SUBJECT to the King (federal government) now with access to the 14th Amendment Trust you do get some things, since they want to take care of their property. So you get things like responsibility for the national debt isn’t that nice. You get things such as social security, great but they tell you how much and at what age you get it, if YOU gotten your own IRA like a roth acct you pick how much you get and when you get it big difference. You get health care. Well maybe if the death panel thinks your worth saving as a slave since you can still work hard for them. You get to pay taxes and motor vehicle tickets, by the way did you know traffic court is really Criminal Court, and that is why they can impose a fine or jail and in criminal court isn’t there suppose to be a jury. You get food stamps another entitlement under the 14th. So many wonderful things, you get to pay for all their pet projects, so enough is enough as they say. Wake up get educated then together WE THE PEOPLE, can take back our freedoms with the right legal process and I will help you get there. Read over all the information in my articles; watch the videos available out there to help you on your path to freedom. Then decide if freedom is for YOU, only YOU can make that choice, many will not and that is fine its their personal choice but at least they will realize it is a choice, and to me that is the import part of all this. Giving someone a choice, and educated choice and not just a check the box yes or no, for it is only through education that anyone can truly be free.

If anyone saw the episode of Little House on the Prairie, were they blew up Walnut Grove, that was because they did not have Allodial title so they did not own the land, but they did how ever own the buildings on the land as we do today, and it was their right to destroy their own property. That is a perfect example of what the government has done to YOU, they have taken the land out from under you, but YOU do own the buildings on the land as long as you have no mortgage payments that is, but you do have to get their permission by permit to make adjustments to YOUR buildings, Why? Because they the King are protecting their interest permits are permission if you are free you DO NOT need permission. Wake Up.

Again feel free to ask questions I will do my best to help point you in the right direction.

Freedom Compound can be a reality if YOU want it to be, it only takes YOU and for those whom wish to compound together as a community please let me know I am working on that right now, trying to gather the resources for a location that we all can be a part of. We can contract together for a real peace of land and raise our kid’s together working together in a colony of freedom.

God Bless you all and your Families

Friday, January 7, 2011

The House That No One Lives In

U.S.A. The Republic

Is The House That No One Lives In

by  Lee Brobst

assisted by  A.F. Beddoe

In my continued education I have discovered in some of my articles I have posted do contain false information, I was simply going to delete them but instead have made the decision to post a retraction if you will.  Not all the information found in this link is fact but still feel it is worth a read as you become educated as I have and now can see the flaws with their point of view.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to freedom.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supreme Law Library : Authors

Howard Freeman

Please read though the 6 parts of the table of contents for a better understanding of exactly what United States you belong to, there are in fact 2. And this read will help you to understand the difference between them and start you on your way to regaining your rights, as a sovereign citizen. This is a good place to start if my article, The Real Constitution is too much for you.

In my continued education I have discovered in some of my articles I have posted do contain false information, I was simply going to delete them but instead have made the decision to post a retraction if you will.  Not all the information found in this link is fact but still feel it is worth a read as you become educated as I have and now can see the flaws with their point of view.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to freedom.

I will continue to bring forth information that I have found to be of truth and not hype, for only in truth will we be set free. God Bless you all in your studies and guide you down the path to true freedom.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Real Constitution


In my continued education I have discovered in some of my articles I have posted do contain false information, I was simply going to delete them but instead have made the decision to post a retraction if you will.  Not all the information found in this link is fact but still feel it is worth a read as you become educated as I have and now can see the flaws with their point of view.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to freedom.

Was up all night with much on my mind, so many have said they don’t (condone) actions of violence. And by definition means they will NOT overlook, forgive or disregard any actions or offenses without protest. And I for one agree with that statement but within those guide lines I have drawn a line and will in fact condone, again meaning I will overlook, forgive or disregard actions of violence and in fact will encourage it. I bet so do most of you, example someone comes into your home and kills your children, would you not request and if not out right demand the death penalty for the offender? Or how about people such as Hitler, Chairman Mow, Che Guevara and so many others, would you not cry out for their blood? So as you can see everyone has a line drawn in the sand as it where, that if or when that line is crossed you will look towards a violent action for vindication.

The question I want you to ask yourself is your line drawn in the sand? Or what straw must be placed before breaking the camels back? And how many have done this in the past, but instead of standing on their own personal drawn line have moved it back just a little bit, and then a little bit more, till you have been backed up against the wall? Now at that point, hate to tell you its too late. Example: as given by Mike Badnarik the 2003 Presidential nominee of the Libertarian Party. Part 2 explains the holocaust and the line in the sand drawn. A must watch to wake up the citizens of these United States; it begins about 23 min into part 2. After watching this you will be able to see the collation between Hitler’s propagandas about the Jews and the way our governments propaganda is using the Muslims in the same manors. In order to take away our rites, are we going to be loaded up into cattle cars and taken to the FEMA camps before we wake up and say NO?

Be advised that the video section is better viewed on any web browser except explore for some reason explore has trouble with this site. Works great with mozilla fox fire:

I highly recommend watching the part 1 for every single American Citizen it will truly open your eyes to what has happened to this country, and will help you realize what we can do legally to take back our country from any corrupt government. As you have time watch the entire 8 hour class.

Democracy: majority rules, this is socialism and what America has become. Minorities have no rites, you only have privileges. Granted by the rules of the majority, do you think you are in the majority? Founding fathers loath a democracy and called it tyranny of the majority.

Alexander Frasier Tytler is quoted to say, “a democracy can not exist as a permanent form of government, it can only exist until the voters discover, that they can vote themselves largesse from the publics treasury, from that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loss fiscal policy and followed always by a dictatorship. The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations has been two hundred years”. How ever the truth about the quote can be found here,, bottom line who ever said it first it is a look into what we are facing today. The Unites States has already past the two hundred year mark. If we don’t stop this current government of Democracy as it has been declared over n over again any time you hear the politicians talk they throw that word out as to brainwash us into believing that is what we live in.

We are a REPULIC, look it up article 4 of the Constitution. The rite and property of the minority is to be protected period. But our government has forgotten that fact of law. Or are they working under the 14th Amendment? As you read further down you will see that what they are doing is outlined in the Constitution under the 14th Amendment and where until we as individuals declare other wise fall upon our birth.

We could call our nation, fascism; guess what fascism is a dictatorship wake up people. We are no doubt a socialism society means we have no rites because we own no property. Wake up. It is our Constitutional duty to over throw this government, not just vote them out, but physically and if need be with the blood of patriots to take back this country and that is exactly what Jefferson said from time to time is needed for the tree of liberty to prosper. We do not have to go that route we have within the Constitution away to opt out of Amendment 14, and will go further into that, so there is no need for the blood of Patriots to be spilled or violence in any form to further your own personal agenda of Freedom. What is needed is education and I will again go further into that as you read this article, as well as give you the links you need to start your Fight for Freedom.

Understand the enemy by reading the communist manifesto and its 10 planks will teach you, it is their playbook. On how they take away your property and without property you have no rites. The two go hand in hand. This is covered in part 3 of the class. They have completed all 10 planks right here in the United States, aren’t you glad now that you know we live in a Communist country. Wake up, the time is sooner not later.

Part 3 covers American history and the founding fathers. The declaration of independents, was the official start of the war as in the shot heard around the world and was ended with the treaty of Paris. The treaty is the divorce settlement from the king of England; we got the property in allodia title of the land, and in return England received the permission of come and go to sell goods.

Also in part 3 we learn about the colony and its money as under the articles of federation. The birth of our Constitution and the bill of rites as well the legal understanding of a TRUST, trust is capitalized and is the most important part to understanding the 14th Amendment.

3 branches of government and the explanation of the law as outlined in the Constitution. After taken the oath of office you become the trustee of the trust and upon any action that is not outlined in the trust ie the Constitution you are committing a crime of perjury and treason. Are you starting to get it now? Both these crimes come with a penalty of fine and jail as treason has an additional penalty that could be enforced and that is DEATH.

Get the books, the federalist papers and the anti-federalist papers to show exactly what our fore fathers where thinking so don’t by into the b.s. that we have no idea what they wanted or said.

Part 4 covers the executive branch of government, and covers executive orders. As in a time of national emergency, such as fema, power companies, transportation, radio stations and everything now including our food is under the power of the government in a case of a national emergency. Sounds good right? Wrong,

The web page mentioned in this part is best found here. excellent article on the UCC Connection:

This is not really covered but you can find all this information at the above link and is a must read for anyone who is interested in truly being free from this Democracy of government and wants to get back to the Constitution of the Republic. The 14th Amendment is evil.

On July 27, 1868, one day before the 14th Amendment took effect, an "Act" of Congress was passed. This Act was 15 United States Statute at Large,/55 known as the "Expatriation Statute." Though this Statute is no longer included in the United States Code, it has not been repealed and is still in effect./56 This Statute is extremely important because it is the public municipal law the individual can use for private purposes to remove him/herself from the private trust law operating in the public sector. That is, a private individual, who has found himself or herself bound by private law that is being used in the public sector to promote public policy of compelled performance which he did not have a choice in, can access the public positive statute law to move back under the liberty and protection of the Republic and its separation of powers.

Under the 14th Amendment, the citizen [who does not make his choice known for or against the trust relationship], is assumed to be a beneficiary because he or she has not stated otherwise. As a beneficiary, you are an outlaw as far as the Constitution is concerned. You are operating outside of the Constitution. While operating outside the Constitution you only have relative rights under the Bill of Rights and the Constitution because private contract law takes priority over constitutional law.

It may come as a surprise to realize that your Will was probated the day you were born. Yes, it is true. The very day you were born by accident into the United States is the day you died to the Law of the Republic./78 In other words, by operation of law, you were born into the corporate municipal legislative democracy of Washington, D.C..

It is presumed that everyone born into this country since 1933 has wanted to be a part of the public policy of the municipal corporation of the District of Columbia. This is because the public trust was established by public policy when the gold was removed as a standard in payment of debt. Up until the gold was removed, less than 51% of the population was involved as beneficiaries of the 14th Amendment trust. The moment the gold standard was removed, more than 51% of the population automatically became members of the trust. This meant the private municipal trust could be moved into the public sector to become public policy because the amount of the population volunteering for the benefits indicated a public desire. In addition, the trust was confirmed by the U.S. (S)upreme (C)ourt decision of Erie Railroad v. Tompkins in 1938 saying "there is no general federal common law." In other words, it is now presumed that everyone is a 14th Amendment "person" as implied by law and so silence on the part of the citizen is his consent to be treated as a "constructive trustee" and as primarily being a United States citizen.

Real Property

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should lose his real property to this communistic system - democracy. The reason people do lose their property is because they are 14th Amendment citizens. As 14th Amendment citizens, you have only an equitable interest in the property. Technically speaking, you have legal and equitable interest, but you cannot execute upon the legal interest. This is because, as 14th Amendment citizens, you have no access to the Law side of the court. With equitable interest, you cannot prove superior title to access the land as a citizen of the soil, which is the proper name for a non- 14th Amendment citizen. You must remember that it is your standing in the law that determines whether you have access to the Law to save your land. It is not determined by the title to the land as all land titles in the United States of America are allodial. Thus, land titles deal with land. Jurisdiction of the 14th Amendment deals only with the person in relation to his interest in the land. A commercial system cannot create credit against the substance of the common law - land. They can only create it through the person under the 14th Amendment.

Starting the process of moving your political choice back under republican laws requires that you state your Will. That is, you must make a public declaration of what your political Will is under the Constitution. Do you want to be a part of the public policy - the trust - or do you want to be able to use public municipal law for your private benefit. Making your Will known requires that your declaration be specific as to your desire about severing the trust. (Your Will declaration sample is available at the site) Use this form to get you started on your journey to take back your freedoms and once again be a citizen of the soil and no longer under the democracy you’re born into.

Part 5 covers article 4, explains State Citizenship. Also explains and covers more of the 14th Amendment and how Congress has invented a juristic entity. So upon birth as a United States citizen you are a part of this company and subject to its laws. Subject as in slaves to the King that is Congress: Part 5 also goes into the article 5 of the Constitution, covers how to amended it, and article 6 is short and 7 is the signatures of acceptance.

Preamble to the Bill of Rights, yes the Bill of Rights has a preamble. And can not be repealed.

I love the last 2 min of this part on what to do when pulled over by a police officer, and prior that how to not give them permission to search without a warrant, and if they do not find what is outlined in the warrant how they will be liable for a law suit after the fact.

Part 6 gets into the 13th amendment, and the missing yes missing 13th amendment. Look up the alien sedition act expired and was repealed in 1802 after the Republicans won.

He explains the B.A.R. And the title of nobility act. To keep lawyers out of Congress. This was printed in no less then 44 books and may or may not have been properly ratified. From this point on most of the Constitution was never properly ratified. Until we get towards the 18th amendment and that was repealed in the 21st amendment.

This section is a quick explanation of all the amendments. 25th is how to over throw a President. The last time the constitution was amended in 1992 was modified when we were all asleep. Wake UP.

Here he begins to explain the difference between fiat and real money, such as gold and silver.

Be advised that the warehouse certificates that he mentions are no longer in operation thanks to the FBI since I have spoken to Mike since this course he also informed me of the other account mentioned is also no longer he has since an updated class that is 12 hours long and comes with the book (it’s good to be king) and available on his web site the same link I gave you to get the class. Love the explanation of the goldsmith loaning to both parties at war with each other hello does this sound familiar? It’s all about the Central Bank, and our elitist whom truly run this country. The Federal Reserve is UN Constitutional period. Learn how this came about. A note is nothing more than a promise to pay, it is not a payment. this is the web site that tells us norfed is not to be considered real money. If you do a search for norfed you get plenty of hits, and I suggest you look through them, because no matter what the so called Federal Reserve says it is more legal then the note in your pocket. Get educated and fight back for freedom. The last 10 min is a fantastic explanation of inflation and deflations it’s excellent and highly recommend it to understand how evil inflation truly is, and goes into the IRS explanation love it.

Part 7 starts Deflation: this is by far my favorite of all and a must watch for all. Will not give it away so will leave you with your thoughts as you make a personal decision what path to freedom you want to follow. Also please check out Michael Badnarik’s articles informative, funny and educational for all. The latest articles by Mike are titled: Getting naked for safety, Obama’s socialist takeover and What is excessive force? encryption software:

May God Bless you all and your Families

David Meola

Freedom Fighter