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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Supreme Law Library : Authors

Howard Freeman

Please read though the 6 parts of the table of contents for a better understanding of exactly what United States you belong to, there are in fact 2. And this read will help you to understand the difference between them and start you on your way to regaining your rights, as a sovereign citizen. This is a good place to start if my article, The Real Constitution is too much for you.

In my continued education I have discovered in some of my articles I have posted do contain false information, I was simply going to delete them but instead have made the decision to post a retraction if you will.  Not all the information found in this link is fact but still feel it is worth a read as you become educated as I have and now can see the flaws with their point of view.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to freedom.

I will continue to bring forth information that I have found to be of truth and not hype, for only in truth will we be set free. God Bless you all in your studies and guide you down the path to true freedom.

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