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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freedom Compound

Freedom Compound

I awoke this morning with the thought on my mind for a true freedom compound complete with Allodial Title of land, and all the freedoms of our forefathers. Along with all that modern day has to offer, a place not unlike my community survival article describes. Where We the People truly are the kings and queens of the soil, a place our kids will learn true value, real history, science and math the way our founding fathers did but having the luxuries of today such as the computer and the internet. A place that puts us above the federal government as it was in the beginning of this once great nation, were we in fact will use today’s technology like Aquaponic’s to feed the masses, and know one will starve and illness will be eliminated do to the healthy fresh un tampered, un chemical food that we currently are provided. A place were you can truly be safe from all, including law enforcement and big government, and I realized just how easy this will be too accomplish, for all I need is YOU.

If this idea sparks your interest, then please leave me a comment or two ask questions and then get involved to help make this happen. As truly free people we have the right to limitless contract, and it’s by this ability to contract we can accomplish what might seem to be impossible. True freedom I can explain simply and will answer all if not most of your questions, first think of Real Property, mean a solid substance, your body is a solid, your house, your land if you have allodial title. Know in your action or actions, if no damage to property has been done, and then you are free to do it, really it’s that simple. With freedom comes responsibility as so with property, no real property no real freedom, no freedom no responsibility. They go hand in hand, example I have the right to speech, ok under the 14th Amendment were 99 percent of the people fall, you have no real freedoms even this one on speech, under the 14th lets say you threaten someone but cause no property or in other words physical damage, you can be charged with a crime of intent. Under true freedom of the 1st Amendment I can in fact call you every dirty word in the book, I can in fact tell you I am going to kill you, but until I attempt the act and cause real harm not emotional harm I am protected under the 1st Amendment since no harm to property occurred. It may not be nice, but you have the right to do so, you may not like what someone say's but they have the right to say it, under the 14th that is no longer true.

Now some will say but I already own property, my response is do you have allodial title of land? Do you pay property taxes? Do you pay registration on your car? Do you pay income tax? Did you get a marriage license, or a permit to carry a gun? If you do any of those things then you do NOT own anything, ever hear the expression, possession is only 9/10th of the law? Who do you think owns that remaining tenth? That last tenth is own by the government so you have to pay rent on the item or items involved, and we do this with our taxes. Ok so what about our bodies do we own our bodies? No we do not, upon birth you were put without knowledge into the TRUST of the 14th Amendment, so you have no choice and do not own your body, the government does, so you have to get certain vaccines without choice? Yes you do, because they are taken care of their property. Upon birth to the law you are considered to be dead. This is a little tricky to explain but the hope is you can get out from under the 14th and by law be considered a living being once more, and that is what’s important. There is a light at the end of the tunnel as it where. Freedom is not for everyone and it is not easy, so it must be a personal choice and only YOU can make that choice for yourself. It is a life long commitment, but so is staying a slave, yes a slave to the system that is what you are, property belonging to another under the 14th Amendment and that is known as democracy were the voice of the masses out weigh the voice of ONE. But in the Republic as the founders set up the rights of the ONE and the voice of the ONE is to be protected. YOU are the King; you can do what ever YOU want as long as your actions causes no property damage to another’s its that simple. Under the 14th Amendment Trust, you are a slave or SUBJECT, and must obey the laws they have set down, like buckle your seat belt, why? if you don’t buckle up who is going to get hurt? YOU, so you are doing no harm to someone else’s property but your own right? Wrong you are damaging their property because they own you. Is this starting to make sense to you now? Real Property equals freedom, without it you are not free. The government knows this and that is why and how they have taken your rights. Can the government come in and take your land? Yes they can because they own it. Can the government come into your house with a warrant and search it? Yes they can because they own it. Are you starting too feel the chains around your wrist and ankles how heavy they truly are? Isn’t it great to be a SUBJECT to the King (federal government) now with access to the 14th Amendment Trust you do get some things, since they want to take care of their property. So you get things like responsibility for the national debt isn’t that nice. You get things such as social security, great but they tell you how much and at what age you get it, if YOU gotten your own IRA like a roth acct you pick how much you get and when you get it big difference. You get health care. Well maybe if the death panel thinks your worth saving as a slave since you can still work hard for them. You get to pay taxes and motor vehicle tickets, by the way did you know traffic court is really Criminal Court, and that is why they can impose a fine or jail and in criminal court isn’t there suppose to be a jury. You get food stamps another entitlement under the 14th. So many wonderful things, you get to pay for all their pet projects, so enough is enough as they say. Wake up get educated then together WE THE PEOPLE, can take back our freedoms with the right legal process and I will help you get there. Read over all the information in my articles; watch the videos available out there to help you on your path to freedom. Then decide if freedom is for YOU, only YOU can make that choice, many will not and that is fine its their personal choice but at least they will realize it is a choice, and to me that is the import part of all this. Giving someone a choice, and educated choice and not just a check the box yes or no, for it is only through education that anyone can truly be free.

If anyone saw the episode of Little House on the Prairie, were they blew up Walnut Grove, that was because they did not have Allodial title so they did not own the land, but they did how ever own the buildings on the land as we do today, and it was their right to destroy their own property. That is a perfect example of what the government has done to YOU, they have taken the land out from under you, but YOU do own the buildings on the land as long as you have no mortgage payments that is, but you do have to get their permission by permit to make adjustments to YOUR buildings, Why? Because they the King are protecting their interest permits are permission if you are free you DO NOT need permission. Wake Up.

Again feel free to ask questions I will do my best to help point you in the right direction.

Freedom Compound can be a reality if YOU want it to be, it only takes YOU and for those whom wish to compound together as a community please let me know I am working on that right now, trying to gather the resources for a location that we all can be a part of. We can contract together for a real peace of land and raise our kid’s together working together in a colony of freedom.

God Bless you all and your Families

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