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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Path to Freedom


Those who have followed me in the past know that I would never bring up false or misguided information; I have joined PAC in its quest for truth in law. PAC has been in operation for nearly 20 years without a single arrest or law suite, unlike so many greedy scam artists out there like Tim Turner to mention just one. These people use parts of the law without giving you the whole truth of what is required to keep you out of jail and to sell you a product. We at PAC have nothing to sell you, but we do recommend you get our book The Red Amendment, to help you in your studies. The only place to buy this book is through us at our website, there is a $30 charge that helps us pay for the printing since this is done in house as well as paying for the web site and forum. Again this is but a recommendation to get the book, but we offer at no charge all the info we have from movies to watch, to articles published and the forum for interaction with others whom are working together to put the free people back in touch with the Republic, this is not the republican party they are in fact two different things, but the Republic of the Constitution. A lot of this information you may have heard before, but because of all the miss leaders out there, most people have been frightened off if you will. So I invite you to join me at no charge to get educated read the material we have to offer watch the movies in the archives, and start your journey today to real freedom as our fore fathers had laid down in the Constitution that now has been hijacked, We the People can take back our life, our liberty, our freedoms, and our land, from this evil corporation now known as the United States. Below are just some of the links we have for you to help start you on your journey to Freedom. God Bless all of you and your families.

this is excelent and recommend it for your first movie

The more I learn and discover the more I am fueled to get this information out, this link will bring you to another must see movie, Psychiatry: An Industry of DEATH. If you do nothing else watch the last 8 minute clip, I have watch this in its entirety, and one thing kept coming to my mind over and over again, beside we need to get out, get out of the system, get out of the schools, get out, get out, get out, the best way to save yourself and your kids have no medical insurance because only them will they leave you alone, after watching this movie I can see clearly why the government is pushing so hard so fast and had to, even with over 80 percent of the population saying NO we do not want this bill, has in fact passed the Health Care Bill and why the house votes on trying to repeal it will never happen. I was a victim of this madness when I was in 3rd grade, diagnosed with a hyper active disorder and my parents fell for the BS they were sold, but luckily my parents didn’t push it on me and was able to get away from it early on, I was one of the lucky ones. Also brings into my thoughts about vaccines that our pushed as mandatory and years later they come out and say oh it was a bad drug. Do all you can to stop the madness?

watch the two hour movie

then I recommend this inter active movie

this is the forum to sign up for

intro to the book the red amendment

watch this video at the bottom funny, check out the video archives as well lots of great stuff.

Especially the gun one we have to get this info out.

Here is the pic of the book to upload to any web page with the link for the printable order form.         

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