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Saturday, October 30, 2010

where I'm at today

Hello all, sorry I have been away from this blog, have been spending much time on BTR working with in attempt to start airing a new show of there past broadcast, there is a live show Monday and Tuesday nights at 6pm, bringing forth information regarding the Islam and Muslim threat of Shariah Law in America.

It is my hope to start a new live show as well, discussing our Constitution and the founding fathers of this Great Nation.

The SE1 project is still in the preparation stages but has made progress. Working with individual boat owners to help them better prepare for the days to come. The mother ship described is still what we are looking for but that particular one we lost do to lack of funds. It is still our hopes to find a similar ship, if not we still will have a group of vessels to take on a leadership role. Looking forward to hearing from all of you. Also be advised there will no-longer be communications through WOW, but vent is still available.