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Thursday, November 5, 2009

SE 1 continues

We are growing and furthering our plans on a daily bases, please keep in touch on current information at the gun talk forum. I will never post anyone’s name in any forum so please be careful as to what email you use for communication with the group. There will be team leads set up in different states and a list of those email address will be posted so you can contact directly the leads closes to your location. As of now we will be using a program called vent for meetings, the vent log in information will be emailed out prior the meetings with the event times and exact date included. If you play the game world of warcraft you can contact me on borean tundra’s realm. Whisper me or send me a note through the in game mail system toons name is drmeola. Just make sure to add SE 1 in subject. For obvious reasons or maybe not so obvious reasons this is the safest means of communication at this time as we continue to setup and organize to create a safe haven for all survivors. Sign up as a follower on this sight so you will be notified when ever an update is made. Thank you all for your continuing support. We will be in touch.

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