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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The end of the Eastern Sea Board

War has been declared on Florida
And other Gulf States

The end of the Eastern Sea Board

First we had the TSA working the airports around the United States and now they have joined up with what is now known as VIPER. The TSA and VIPER squad set up at a local Florida bus station of Grey Hound doing the exact same thing as they are doing at the airports but have also added a police dog to sniff all cargo on the bus.

There is a reason why this team has been put together, and is becoming more visual, they are doing this in an on going training of themselves and the general public because in a very short time the state of Florida and most of the eastern sea board will be no more as we now know it.

Time is running out for all of us, I as well as thousand of others have just been sentenced to death by big money. Whether it was intentional or not makes no difference at this point. The oil rig disaster in the Gulf when all the numbers are in will make 911 look like a parking lot fender bender. There are in fact two well heads that blew, not just one as the public was lead to believe and this information is available at BPs own website.

They drilled into what is known as the batholith, this has created a chain reaction and is the possible cause of all the volcanic activity around the globe. And the sudden appearance of the new fault now named the Madrid Fault system; there has also been a discovery of nearly 50 new California Faults as well.

This drilling has caused an opening of and under sea volcano plume that now exceeds some 20 miles in length 6ft wide and its total depth is unknown at this time. BP can not stop this plume and its expanse, if it where to reach the continental shelf would surly be the end of the United States. At last estimate it will take not one not two but 6 nukes to close and hopefully seal permanently this fracture now in the crust of the ocean floor.

We have all heard about corexit 9500 is outlawed in almost all other countries around the globe, but again this is only a small part of the puzzle. The under surface lake of oil is now covering over 40 percent of the Gulf. But again many people have spoken out about this and I will not cover it in much detail here.

Another peace of this puzzle is the remaining 45 percent of the oil spill that know one is talking about; this plume is not only releasing oil but is as well releasing natural gases and massive hydrocarbons. This is the peace they have hidden in the corner as it were.

A report from the EPA has listed just a couple of these issues as they are testing for Volatile organic compounds in the air, and this is what is causing all the illnesses around Gulf States. As per the report the numbers are as follows.

Hydrogen Sulfide normal limits are 5/10 parts per billion the current air readings are showing 1200 ppb.
Benzene normal safe limits 0/4 ppb, currently reading 3000 ppb yes three thousand.
Methylene Chloride safe limits 61 ppb current readings are between 3000/3400.

VOC are Benzene or swamp gas and hydro carbons you can get a simple blood tests at your doctors to see exactly how much you been exposed to at this time. But I say it is too late. The long term affects of these gases in the air and now in our systems are scary and I encourage you to look them up for the medical problems YOU will suffer from in the future if you are not currently showing symptoms of these deadly gasses.

There is another unseen problem and why they must nuke this thing now. If the casing around the wells implode on it self, there will follow and under water volcanic eruption at minimum energy this will cause a 20 to 80 foot wave, a tsunami that will in fact wipe the state of Florida off the map. Whether this happens or not Louisiana is in worse medical condition then the rest of the world. At the last reading of main site temperatures it has increased 7 degrees now that might not seem like a lot, but when you take into fact that 2 degree increase was once considered a dangerous event. Killing off deep sea organisms creating a missing link in the natural food chain.

The oil plume is expected to hit the coast of North Caroline some time in the next few hours, as this oil has now been swept up by the gulf stream, it is estimated that by November of next year 1/3 of our water ways in the United States will be contaminated.

With the warm weather we still have in Florida the evaporation rate is now a factor in all of this, the clouds have now carried the contaminants across the state and we are now feeling the affects of this far inland. The clouds are of a dark color as if they are filled with oil instead of water, and the so called Acid Rain is showing up as far north as Maryland. This is no longer a Gulf disaster, but a national disaster.

When, not if we get hit with a hurricane in the Gulf it will be the end of America, the storm will carry with it, oil, dispersant, hazardous gasses and God knows what else as it travels. Now add the possibility of nuclear fall out radiation in the water if they go down that path to try and close this fault on our ocean floor. There is no place to run or hide from this, anyone with a compromised immune system will more than likely suffer the most. Those that do survive may face the fact that there offspring will be deformed or still born. This is not going away no matter what they say or what they try to distract us with, we are at war make no doubt about that a was we did not ask for nor a war none of us every expected to see in our lifetimes. This war is no longer against BP or our government but our new enemy is the very plant we live on and this is one war no human being can fight, but some might survive.

I can only pray that those that are left behind to survive will remember these final days, and respect mother earth as the natives of this land has done for eons before we ventured to this land America, soon to be knows as the land that once was. May God show mercy and forgiveness since we truly undeserved such love, it is so written in our bibles and tales of old that this will come, and I say our wait is over. And soon we will be facing our heavenly father.

I will stay on air as long as possible, they have seized parts of the internet and flood us daily with none sense news all in order to maintain some kind of control before the masses wake up and realize the real trouble we are in, the fema camps are currently being set up to help stay off the panic that is bound to pursue. We must not fight amongst each other for we are now all in the same boat, and there is plenty of blame to go around, I personally am already feeling the affects of the toxins in the air with a steady cough and a major drop in energy levels and it could be only a matter of time before my lungs begin to bleed, that is what this toxin does to you, it will cause bleeding from within and then externally, bleeding that will not clot, they are trying a wide range of antibiotics to help fight off the effects but I feel these efforts will be in vain, Armageddon is here folks so get right with God why you still have a chance.

I purposely did not list all the affects of these toxins now air born on the eastern sea board if you want to know just look them up in any dictionary or online. I don’t want you to panic, most will try to travel north to get away from this, but the ocean volcano will also trigger off the new faults in central America and could possible reach Yellow Stone itself. The only chance you might have at this point is to get into Canada and away from the coast line as soon as possible. The colder the weather the better chance you have against this and it is my belief that we are on the edge of a new ice age with all the toxins in the air blocking out the sun and the officials spraying our air with heavy metals like nickel and aluminum sending even more of the heat back up and out of our atmosphere. As these toxins build in the water systems it is depleting the oxygen levels of the area so now even the natural microbes as well as they ones they have added to help consume the oils are starting to slow down and will eventually suffocate to death, putting an end to yet another link in the food chain.

I think the Mayan calendar might have been a little off, and if not this folks is just the beginning of the end as we have come to know it. Post all you can on the net or in journals about yourself and the events that have lead up to this day so our children may one day find and read about it from your view point. I have already written several letters to my children and have stored them in several locations so they know how much I love them along with instruction on how to survive in a wilderness community without power, how to make power from wind and solar and other information I thought that might help them. And most of all a copy of our founding fathers Constitution so that one day the American dream and the seed of Liberty will once again be planted on some land some where on planet earth.
If by some miracle the human race does make it through this mess and I am sure some will as we have in any time of history even the great flood a family was saved, I pray that they do not follow in our footsteps. I will leave you to your own demons to make the best of these final days get right with your kids and your family and most of all get right with GOD.

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