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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Community survival

      We have often heard about topics like self sufficiency, and protecting your goods and property, in this blog I will discuss ways to even secure you survive better by working with your neighbors. Everyone should have 3 months supply of water, dry goods as well as canned and don’t forget a manual can opener. The one thing often forgotten about is heat, what will you do if there is no power in the cold months? Look into some bottled heaters that can be used inside giving at least one room in your house comfort for the family. I live in Florida so heating is not to much of a concern but we do get some cold nights in the winter so it is good to have a little something to keep you warm other than your sleeping bag. It is fairly easy with a water well and septic system to get good clean drinking water by simply hooking up a generator to the well system, but remember to have plenty of fuel to run the generator. If you have plenty of storage containers for water you will only have to run the generator 30 minutes or so a day to keep the toilets clean and water supply full.

     Now let’s get back to working with your neighbors, it’s nice to have your own garden that you can work and can your goods for future use, and are fairly easy to defend especially if it is behind a privacy fence no one will know you have it. But what about your neighbors? In my area I have a lot of seniors who simply will struggle with there own survival, here is how you can help each other out, first get organized, knowing who your neighbors are is the first step, ask them what plans if any have they made in a worse case scenario, they may or may not be able to help with physical work but they sure can hold a gun and be a show of force from outsiders. If there is a vacant lot in your neighborhood look for the owner and ask them if you can use this land for a community garden, most will say sure since it helps keep there unused space clean and free of debris, but also make sure that ever one signs an agreement that in case of injury you can not sue the owner.

     Now this is a great way to get the seniors involved they love to garden, and everyone can take turns working it, all those whom contribute their time and energy of course has free pickings as the garden produces, and because the community is involved they will help defend it from outsiders. In times of trouble this area can easily be protect from outsiders, and people in groups of 10 at a time should be on duty around the clock for this peace of land will become the life force for your colony. Some places may need more than one lot depending on the size of your area, I am lucky we have a section of land in the middle of our development that is made up of several lots all together surrounded by trees making a natural fence from prying eyes. There are also abandoned or foreclosed buildings in the area, keep and eye on these properties for they can be used in times of trouble for meeting places and storage of goods, a make shift hospital and many more ideas. Keep in mind as well, that you only want your small neighborhood to be involved, we don’t want people coming from all over town, and you want to keep your location of the community garden secret from all outsiders. Working together setting up patrols and keeping and eye on each other will help you all get through a troubled time. Start a community forum web site, one that is password protected to stay in touch with others in your little section as well as setting up schedules for meetings and crop gatherings canning, patrols and each others health. Another great thing the seniors in your area can help with besides there vast knowledge on how to due different things, is they can run the radio’s, yes ham radio operations is a must to keep in contact with the outside world. I can almost guarantee you some one in your community most likely a senior has a setup and is well versed in its operations. Make sure every one has input on all topics, elect leaders for each department from the growing to the canning, patrols and radio operations. These will be the people that everyone can trust and rely on. Make sure you have plenty of ammo as well and hope you never have to use it, set up hunting parties for game, we have a lot of large farms in the area make a deal with them for meats on trade, do unto others, do not steal someone else’s goods, always barter for them. Remember also your labor is something you can barter with, help them for a day in there fields for meat or eggs or what ever they may have, working together is the key to any survival situation.

     One of the biggest things forgotten (services) everyone maybe of a different denomination, that’s ok, but now you have become a community and a non denomination setting is required, not your typical kind of service but a time were everyone gathers to give thanks to God, a time to discuss problems that need to be address within your community, be it rescheduling of certain jobs or getting updates from the radio outpost, or just to all sit together for a meal. In almost all situation you will want to have your main meal together everyday, as the field is being worked and sharing the resources for cooking and cleaning, yes it is time to get back to the thought of the original colonies, working together as a whole and putting aside your differences, for now you have become a small colony yourself. Working together to survive increases your chance of that survival a thousand times. Remember a persons mind and their ability to reason out a situation is as important if not more so than the physical abilities one might posses. Our seniors have great wisdom, they have been through this before, be it the depression, or in combat their wisdom is a wealth of information just waiting to be tapped.

     First place to start is the web site, get the forum up and running, get the word out about the site to your neighbors and then work together to find the perfect place in your small section for the garden and get to work.

     We all have family and friends from all over, let them know what you are doing so they can start one in there area, if the time comes and they are not set up and ready to handle the situation but are able to get to your neighborhood that is great and this becomes another use for those building that are vacant. But remember to ask the rest of the colony before just assuming they will be allowed to stay. After all your colony has done the work and many may not want outsiders even if they are family, so make it clear in the beginning with your elected people, and have a vote as to weather outsiders even family will be welcomed under the guise that they are coming to contribute their labor and are willing to adhere to the laws of your colony. These laws mind you should first be that of our Constitution, and second the moral laws passed down to Moses. The best manageable size for any colony is around 200 to 300 people. Any more would become difficult to maintain.

     Remember these are just some examples of the things we can do to better survive in troubled times there are many web sites and programs, (BTR) has great ideas and many programs to cover all topics of survival, the better informed you are the better your chances. For those interested in survival on the water look up my SE1 project articles with ideas and ways to survive at sea.

               Good luck to us all and may God Bless you and your family everyday Amen.

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